Beechwood Values Program

The Beechwood Values Program is a school-wide initiative that teaches and promotes eight essential characteristics that we feel each student should be encouraged to practice every day. Respect, Citizenship, Empathy, Responsibility, Tolerance, Cooperation, Integrity and Commitment are independently introduced during school assemblies throughout the year. Students work collaboratively in their grade level to research and define these values. Students are expected to lead school assemblies focusing on a chosen value. As a school, we then outline a few simple rules that embody one value. These simple rules become the framework for teaching these characteristics to our students.

Each term, two students per cycle and two kindergarten students, a total of eight students, are chosen to be honoured as an example of a Beechwood student who best demonstrates the values introduced during the year. There are many students who are leaders in our school that show strong judgement and apply good values each day. Our aim is to build a community of well-rounded students who practice these important values as they move through their years at Beechwood Elementary.

The Values Program has an adopted Polar Bear named ‘Snowball’ as our school mascot. Beechwood has made a donation to the World Wildlife Fund, in honour of all of our students, to promote all of the values taught in this program. It is just another way that we can work as a school community to encourage the values so important in fostering positive relationships and choices.