School Bus Transportation

Kindergarten students who live more than 0.8 km and all other students living more than 1.6 km from the school are eligible for school bus services provided they live within Beechwood’s transportation zones. With safety in mind, the following school bus guidelines have been set:

  • Always be at the bus stop 10 minutes early.

  • Carry your bus pass at all times.

  • Find your assigned seat quickly, without pushing other students.

  • Keep the aisle clear.

  • Remain seated, talk quietly. Do not eat, drink or leave trash on the bus.

  • Behave respectfully at all times.

  • Always listen to the bus driver’s instructions.

  • Keep your head and arms inside the school bus.

Each bus driver carries a book of reports which are to be completed following an infraction. A bus driver will generally give several warnings before issuing a report. Multiple infractions may lead to suspension or removal of bussing privileges. If for any reason a parent does not want a child to take the bus home on a particular day, a note must be sent to the class teacher to that effect. Students are not permitted to take a friend’s school bus. They may however, get off at a stop other than their assigned stop with a written permission note from the parent/guardian co-signed by the Principal. Only students registered for bussing are permitted to ride on a bus.


Important Information for Kindergarten/Grade 1 Parents

It is expected that parents assume the responsibility of supervising all Kindergarten/Grade 1 students as soon as they get off the bus. The drivers will not drop off Kindergarten/Grade 1 students if no one is there to meet them and they will be returned to school. They must also have their purple bus tag displayed on their school bags.


Transportation by Parents

The safety of our students is one of our greatest concerns at Beechwood. In order to facilitate our supervision, we thank parents for not entering the school yard. Students should arrive at school between 7:55am and 8:05am, while there is outdoor and hallway supervision. Students should go directly into the school using only the front entrance on Shelborne Street. Kindergarten students will be received by their teachers at the Kindergarten door. Students who are dropped off on Sunbury Street at the rear of the school will be expected to walk along the path so that they can enter the school through the front door. Please note that the rear entrance is only used for students registered for the Daycare Program, from 7:00am – 7:50am.

Please review the following safety rules with your children:

  • Don’t walk or run between parked cars.

  • Always cross at intersections.

  • Always look both ways before crossing the street.

  • Make sure the driver sees you before crossing.

  • Never walk in front or back of a school bus.

The following are safety reminders for parents, for each of the areas surrounding our school. Your assistance and cooperation is required to ensure the security of our students.


Drop-off & Pick-up by Parents

Beechwood Parking Lot
Please park in the Visitor’s Area only in our school parking lot in the morning. Walk with your children; do not let them run ahead, without supervision. Please be sure to look several times when parking your vehicle in the parking lot, so that you have a clear view while entering and exiting from the parking spot. It is a violation to block the walkway leading from the parking lot to the school with your vehicle. Never park in the driving lanes. Do not reverse out of the parking lot - it is hazardous for both pedestrians and cars that are entering. Please be courteous.

Beechwood Bus Lane
Drivers must stop when bus lights are flashing. The bus lane should only be used as a drop off lane in the morning after the school buses have left. There is NO passing in the bus lane.

The first, second and third cars in the bus lane should drop off their children in the YELLOW SPACES; drivers should leave promptly allowing the next cars to advance and drop off their children. The white zone is a waiting zone. It is to be a rolling Drop Zone.

It is dangerous to create a second driving lane with so many students arriving at the same time.

To ensure that all students arrive safely and on time, have your child ready with all their school gear, to exit through the passenger side of your vehicle.

If you need to bring your children to the school door, please park the car elsewhere.

  • The Bus Lane is only to be used as a drop-off lane.

  • There is no parking in the Bus Lane before or after school hours.

  • WAIT, STOP, DROP, and GO.

Anselme-Lavigne Street
When parking near the crosswalk, leading to the entrance close to the basketball courts, please be vigilant when reversing, as students may be walking across the intersection from or towards Gariépy Street.


Shelborne Street
This street has No Stopping signs. Drivers have been ticketed. Beechwood assumes no responsibility for drivers parking illegally. The bus drivers have a commitment to deliver our students at a specific time and to then pick up their high school passengers. Please help them do their job safely by leaving sufficient room for the buses to manoeuvre. Please hold onto your children, if you have to walk across the bus lane.


Sunbury Street
Respect our Beechwood neighbours, do not block or park in their driveways. Do not obstruct traffic on the road by stopping to let your children disembark. Do not park or stop your vehicle in the area immediately in front of the entrance that is designated as a No-Stopping Zone. Sunbury can be difficult to navigate during winter. The road narrows considerably with the snow banks and the parked cars. Please be considerate and create a safe path on the street for pedestrians and drivers. For the security of all our Beechwood students and staff, please drive slower, be cautious, think safety and be sensible when it comes to delivering and picking up your children at school. If there are multiple drivers in your family, please inform them of these very important safety rules.