The school library is open 4 days a week, thanks to our loyal team of volunteers. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. Anyone interested in joining the team of volunteers should contact the school office at 514 626 3484.


What can you do to help?

You can keep an eye on the due dates of your children's library books. They may need you to help them become reliable users of the library. Consider lending a hand in the library. A variety of jobs are available including book covering and book repair, which can even be done in your own home.


Responsibility for Text and Library Books

All textbooks and library books are loaned free of charge to children, however the cost of a lost or damaged book must be fully reimbursed.

Some of our books now cost as much as $42.00 so we ask parents to ensure that school textbooks are securely covered with plastic or strong paper jackets. Waterproof school bags are required by every pupil for the transportation of books to and from school.