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Governing Board

The Beechwood Governing Board plays an important decisional role in the school. Parents are encouraged to sit on this "executive committee", which is also made up of staff and community representatives. The principal also plays an important role in the Governing Board but does not vote. The election of the new members must take place before September 30th. The chairperson (who must be a parent representative) is elected by all voting members of the Governing Board.

Meetings are held once a month in the evening. The Beechwood Governing Board may consist of:

7 Parent representatives
5 Teacher representatives
2 Support staff representatives
2 Community representatives
16 Total members

The total number of seats for staff representatives (includes support and childcare staff) must be equal to the number of seats for parent representatives.


Members 2017-2018

Parent Representatives

Staff Representatives

Neal Caminsky

Ruth English

Derek Cassoff

Suzanne Gagné

Ronald Knyszynski

Mathieu Larocque

Stephanie Lipstein

Christina Peppe

Karolyn Liverman

Donna Pinchuk

Randy Spanier
 Alternate Parent Committee Representative

Anne Rainville

David Zerkler
Parent Committee Representative

Pam Rotondo
Support Staff

Anna Haller

To contact our Governing Board, call the school office (514 626 3484) or email:


If you would like to contact our Parent Committee Representative, please email David Zerkler:


Minutes 2017-2018

December 5, 2017

November 7, 2017

September 26, 2017








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