General Information

General Information

School Hours

7:55 Start Time
10:10 Recess
10:25 Instruction
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Instruction
2:30 Dismissal


Students should be arriving at school between 7:55am and 8:05am. It is disruptive to classmates and teachers when students arrive late and miss the beginning of class. Students are responsible for bringing a note in their agenda if they are late or absent. Please send a note in the agenda if your child needs to leave early. A change to the regular dismissal procedure may be communicated in the agenda to the teacher or a call to the office prior to 2:00 pm. The child’s record of attendance is a legal document. Chronic late arrivals can impede school work and may result in the student being expected to make up the work during recess, lunch or after school.


Emergency Contact

In the event of any illness or emergency at the school which requires us to contact parents, it is essential that we have home, cell and work telephone numbers, and the name and telephone number of a close-by neighbour or relative who is at home and would be willing to take care of your child. If any information on your emergency contact form should change during the school year, please contact the school office immediately.


Student Supervision

Supervision is provided from 7:55am to 8:05am when children are permitted to enter the school upon arrival and at 2:30pm to 2:40pm during the boarding and departure of the school buses. Children are supervised during the lunch hour by our lunch monitors. Parents are asked not to send their children to school before the supervision times listed above. Children should be dressed appropriately for outdoor recess and lunch.


School Cancellations

In the event that schools have to be closed, the school board information director directly notifies the following radio stations: CJAD 800, CJFM95.9, CHOM FM 97.7, and CBC1 88.5 FM. You may also receive a message from our automated voice/email system. The LBPSB website posts notices of school closings on their homepage.  


Visiting the School / Volunteering

When parents visit the school, they must report to the office on arrival to sign in, and again on departure to sign out. If you wish to discuss concerns about your child, please call the school to make an appointment. When coming into the school to volunteer please remember to wear one of our ‘Volunteer Tags’, available at the office where you sign in.


School Uniform

The school uniform continues a tradition intended to provide a degree of protection from the whims of fashion and competition. It is also designed to add feeling of pride and a sense of belonging. Beechwood’s uniform consists of:

  • Top: A plain white or navy dress shirt, blouse, polo shirt, turtle or mock turtleneck. Short or long sleeves are optional. No logos (except school logo). No spaghetti straps.
  • Bottom: Plain navy dress pants or shorts, corduroys, jogging pants, tunic, skirt, or culottes. No logos (except school logo).
  • Hosiery: Plain navy or white socks or tights.
  • Sweaters: Plain navy sweater or sweatshirt.
  • Gym: Navy blue shorts, white tee shirt, white socks, and clean running shoes. For hygienic reasons, Grade 6 students must have a change of shirt.
  • Shoes: Students must have a pair of inside and outside shoes.
  • Wintertime: All students must wear snow pants during recess & lunch.

Students will be asked to change into appropriate school uniform.


School Snacks

The Beechwood Governing Board passed a resolution on May 3, 2011, The Three C’s, banning chips, chocolate bars and candy from coming to school as a snack or part of lunch. This is in keeping with the LBPSB Nutrition Policy.


Use of Agenda

Beechwood students use their agenda to keep track of homework assignments and other important messages. It is also used to enhance communication between home and the school. You are invited to make contact with your child’s teacher as frequently as you wish through this agenda.


School Fees / Lunch Fees

School fees are specific to each grade level, these fees will be collected for each child at the beginning of the school year. This fee covers the cost of consumable items such as student workbooks, photocopying, paper, art supplies and the agenda. Supervised lunch is available to all the students at a cost of $340.00 per child per year. Please write your child’s name and grade on the front of the cheque.

As passed by resolution on May 3rd, 2016, any students for whom school fees, lunch fees or daycare fees are outstanding, will not be eligible to participate in any extra-curricular activities where there is a cost. This would include courses such as athletic or recreational events that take place outside the student time-table whether they occur on school grounds or off site. This also includes activities such as raffles and fundraising or school photos where money is being spent to participate in non-academic activities. In order to be in good standing it is expected that lunch fees from the previous year and school fees from the current year be paid in full, or in exceptional cases that arrangements be made with the Principal or Daycare Technician to pay these fees over a period of time. No child will be prevented from participating in activities that are part of the school day (such as field-trips, plays, recitals).

Any student whose fees are not up to date will be asked to withdraw from daycare. The school cannot continue to provide the high quality of services that has come to be expected unless fees are paid by all. 


Field Trips

Field trips are considered to be part of the curriculum and as such it is expected that students attend all field trips or spend the day in school in another class. The only exception might occur if the student’s behaviour is such that there is a real concern on the part of school personnel about safety issues. The administration has both the right and responsibility to make that decision in conjunction with the student’s teacher.


Governing Board

The Beechwood Governing Board plays an important role in the school. Parents are encouraged to sit on this important school committee, which is also made up of staff and community representatives. The principal also plays an important role in the Governing Board but does not vote. The election of the chairperson and new members will take place before September 30th. Meetings are held once a month in the evening. We expect to hold the AGM of our Governing Board at the conclusion of our Curriculum/Meet the Teacher Night each year.


Home and School

Beechwood's Home and School is an enthusiastic group of parent volunteers that meet once a month during the school year. By working with the principal and staff to fund raise and organize events, the goal is to help enrich the overall experiences of the Beechwood students. For more information, please refer to our school website or simply join us at our monthly meetings. Everyone is welcome – a great way to get involved in your child’s elementary school years!